Ása Önnu Ólafsdóttir


Asalaus is the stage name for experimental musician Ása Önnu Ólafsdóttir (b. 2000), hailing from the underground music scene in Iceland. With a sound that is both raw and intricate, Asalaus creates music that challenges the boundaries of genre and pushes the limits of what is possible in modern music. Ása is also member of the band Ateria that won Músíktilraunir (The Icelandic Music Experiments) in 2018, and of Gaffer ensemble, an experimental group comprised of three friends from The Iceland University of the Arts.

Asalaus has released two full-length albums and one EP to date, each showcasing the artist's unique vision and innovative approach to sound. The first album received a nomination for the Kraumur awards.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, including ambient music, post-rock, and classical music, Asalaus blends elements from each to create a sound that is both familiar and wholly original. Utilizing a variety of instruments and effects, Asalaus's music is a constantly evolving soundscape that is both immersive and captivating.

Asalaus's live performances are equally impressive, featuring a combination of improvisation and structured compositions that showcase the artist's technical ability and intuitive sense of texture and melody. Whether playing to a packed house or a small, intimate audience, Asalaus always delivers a memorable and captivating performance that leaves listeners in awe.


Gárar (2024) for string quartet 12'

Hjáleið | Déviation (2023) video piece 20'

with filmmaker Ferdinand Ledoux

Ú (2023) for solo cello 10'


Voð (2023) sound installation


excerpt, april 2023

Ymur (2022) for voice and organ 10'


Hvarf (2022) for string quartet 6'


recording, may 2022

Stagl (2022) for violin, tape machine and loop pedal 8 - 15'


recording, february 2022

recording, april 2022

Súld (2022) for piano, guitar and trumpet 3,75'

Þegjandin (2021) for choir 4'

Segulómur (2021) for cello and tape machine 3,5'

Svikalogn (2021) for piano, electronically processed 2,5'

Vorhugur (2021) electronic 6'

Ás_A (2020) for piano, oboe, clarinet and vibraphone 3'

Þrídeilur (2020) for choir 2,5'

Tvíliða (Tvíliða orgelverk) (2020) for organ, 2,5'

later arranged for orchestra

Hvimpan (2020) for guitar 2,5'

All scores are free of charge, but if ​you want to support the artist you ​can do so here.

recording / mixing engineer work


recording + mixing

recording + mixing



Ása is also an illustrator and has worked on two books and designed several of her own album covers.


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